Wanna back us up?

GREAT! There are SO many ways you can!

First up: talk about us! hit the social media, and hit it hard! As an indie company with a itsy bits teeny weeny yellow polka dot budget, the way we get bums on seats most often is word of (Loud) Mouth.


Show us your lunch and we'll show you ours.


Make like a rockin' Robin and tweet tweet tweet. Birds love dat.


Write us a review. Tell your mum about us in messenger, even if you're still not responding to her friend requests.

Feeling gen'rous..?

Speaking of that tiny budget: help us get our 2017 artists paid! Head over the the Australian Cultural Fund to support our fundraising campaign!

None of that float your boat? Join our mailing list, or our front of house volunteer register: a great way to get yourself some free tickets to our shows.

"let's get loud" - J-Lo