The Hivemind will meet for the first time in late February… keep your eyes peeled and your ears pricked for what’s inspiring our conspirators across the country/planet!


The Hivemind is a creative consulting collective of rockin’, emerging, mostly female artists and arts workers from across forms and across the state, country and world that we rely on to keep us buzzing, connected, and on our toes.

Alex Duncan (Actor/Writer, VIC)
Alex Rigozzi (Director/Writer, TAS)
Alison Wilkes (Dancer/Choreographer, TAS)
Anna Kidd (Actor/Comedian, TAS)
Caitlin Richardson (Teacher/Writer, TAS)
Elissa Ritson (Sculptor/Performance Artist, TAS)
Emma Peel (Producer/Theatre & Festival Maker, TAS/NSW)
Finn O’Branagáin (Writer/Dramaturg, WA)
Helen Kershaw (Dancer/Choreographer/Administrator, TAS)
Heath Ivey-Law (Actor, UK/NSW/TAS)
Holli Gipson (Theatre maker/Storyteller TAS/USA)
Jennifer Rani Actor/Director/Creative Producer, Theatre/Festivals, TAS/NSW/VIC)
Jessica Davies (Writer/Academic, TAS)
Josipa Draisma (Cross Artform Storyteller, NSW)
Kitt Forbes (Performer/Writer, TAS/UK)
Michael Blake (Writer, TAS)
Rob Braslin (Comedian, TAS)
Robert Manion (Actor/Villain, TAS/USA)
Robert Maxwell (Actor/Academic, TAS/NSW)
Rosie Pidd (Curator/Producer, Theatre & Festivals, TAS)
Sarah Dunn (Dramaturg ’n’ Director, SA)
Sarah Wadsley (Actor/Singer TAS/USA)
Yasmin Masri (Creative Producer, ACT)
Zeb Direen (Circus & Cabaret Performer/Creator, TAS/VIC)