by Lucy Prebble

The wonders and terrors of love, neuroscience and big pharma are put under the microscope and examined with charm and humour in this Critics’ Circle Best Play Award winner by Lucy Prebble: author of the likewise critically acclaimed Enron, and ITV’s Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

Tristan and Connie, two young volunteers on a clinical trial for a new antidepressant, meet and fall head over heels for each other. But is it the drug, or is it real? And does it matter?

“I can’t stop it. Something’s in me but it’s like it’s come from outside me. Like having the weather inside”

"… an astonishingly rich and rewarding play, as intelligent as it is deeply felt" - Charles Spencer, The Telegraph


by Patricia Cornelius

Billy, Bobby and Sam are survivors who combat the restrictions enforced on them by their gender and their class, and our expectations of them: but how much can they get away with?

They’re mean, down mouthed, down trodden, hard bit, utterly damaged women.
They’re neither salt of the earth nor sexy.
They love no one and no one loves them.
They believe the world is shit, that their lives are shit, that they are shit. – Patricia Cornelius, Shit

Shit is provocative and tragic, bracing and bitterly funny. It's the sort of bold theatre that will have us confronting our own prejudices; that forces us to acknowledge these things of darkness of ours”

Cameron Woodhead, Sydney Morning Herald * * * *


by Jessica Davies
after R L Stevenson

"I knew myself to be wicked, and the thought, in that moment, braced and delighted me like wine. Under the strain of my continually impending doom and by the sleeplessness to which I now condemned myself, I became, in my own person, a creature eaten up and emptied by fever, languidly weak both in body and mind, and solely occupied by one thought: the horror of my other self."

Jekyll and Hyde is being developed as an honours thesis through the University of Tasmania, supervised by Danielle Wood and Rosemary Gaby.